Disboot Music Label


> LOST & FOUND / free net Ep

This is a compilation that was put together during the time of our old collective Reboot, together with S.evil aka Dlhug. 15 local and sometime local artists collaborated in this small sample of the catalan electronic music scene. Reboot’s intention was to blow the lid off sewers, open up the darkest garages and pay a visit to a small but rich world, where so many artists were fighting with their own selves and their neighbors to get that true and raw beat or sound.

Ilia Mayer produced the illustration for the album cover as well as the closing track “Kyuuka”. Our friend Titus produced the design with Uxuka and Manintheattic selected the tracks.

Thank you to all those who helped collaborrate in every way and especially to the artists for their willingness and unconditional support.