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Barcelona´s bassline masters C156 present their 12″ vinyl ¨OINK¨ with Barcelona´s bass music pioneers Disboot. This second EP is the bastard child of these four young catalan producers who, taking cues from Sheffield´s exploding bassline house scene, present three tracks that defy and take you beyond the limitations of all electronic music genres.

The opening “1,2,3 OINK” takes dark melodies and pensive piano stabs and wedges them between rhythms, alternating between hilariously fat bassline house sensibilities and half step pressure.

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The most sinister track on the EP, beats and bass are twisted and ground into buck-wild mayhem.

“Can a leprous be trendy?” tests all dance floor hipsters to stand still with a maniac beat that literally threatens to fall apart as it pummels through its rapid fire rhythm changes and LFO abuse. Constantly rising and falling, the track is unpredictable and surprising, commanding you to move parts of your body you never knew existed.

Ending with the current crowd favorite, “Latin Mayhem”, C156 take their latin musical lineage into the bass music fold with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek. Utilizing a plethora of samples from various salsa rhythms, this track is pure dance floor pandemonium that will have you pounding the floorboards or rolling on them in hysterics. Never content with gimmicks, the track maintains the signature C156 attention to detail and ridiculously heavy subsonics, something for heads and dancers alike.

Full of wobbling bass, dance floor murdering 4/4 rhythms and an overriding sense of humor, this is a perfect addition for any Dj´s crate for those 3am peaks in the club.

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