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Dr. Res


¨Lung Kidnapping¨ consists of 28 minutes divided into 5 original tracks, each one set out in chapter mode of sonic immersion which interacts with the ears of the listener, tracing the narrative concocted from the imagination and experiences of the artist.

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Movement, space, profundity, landscapes, atmospheres and introspection are some of the elements that strongly gravitate around the personality of the release, which is also immensely populated with intermittent melodic, rhythmic, organic and ambient details, constructing a great sense of dynamism synchronized with the sound.

Departing with ¨Human Taxidermy¨ the tense introductory with unintelligible vocals, passing to the precious oriental landscapes of ¨Kugutsushi¨, then onto the mathematical and spacial progression of “Une Marionette”, continuing to the hypnotic persuasions and malleable dub injection of “Found” and ending with the expansive solemnity of “Oro Negro”, “Lung Kidnapping” leaves the listeners unconscious resting with the feeling of having been in many places at the same time during a symbolic displacement exercise. A factor that clearly manifests the vocative, descriptive and cathartic potential of the sonic universe that is brewing in Dr.Res´consultation room, which invites free interpretation where words are not necessary.

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More info about Dr. Res